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Shanghai Baolu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional company of biological reagent, provide a variety of imported microbial products, biochemical reagents and laboratory supplies and small instrument, widely used in quality environment and product pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food production enterprises in the control. At the same time, we also provide for the customer the experimental design and the related reagent selection and other technical services, to provide a full range of services to customers.

Shanghai Baolu company is a full of youthful spirit of the team, the company in a professional, enthusiasm, and thoughtful service to win the favor of customers. At present, the company has become more than a well-known brand Chinese general agent, such as USA MicroBioLogics company, Moltox company ATCC strain USA genetic toxicology test reagents, American biological indicator, SGM company Pulse company of Canada preservation tube, Japan Corona company Giken food fast detection kit. The company also distributes the United States BD, British OXOID, German Merck and other well-known brand products.

Looking to the future, Baolu development biology will continue to focus on product quality control field, is committed to become the leading supplier of microbial detection products!

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